Puber puppies looking for a warm basket

Not every puppy always finds a warm nest. Puberpups ensures that puppies with a few months on them find the ideal owner, at the right price.

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Not everyone is primed for a dog’s baby phase. However, there are also many adolescent puppies who long for a warm home.



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Buying Process

Buying an adolescent puppy is much easier than adopting a child. We ensure that all administration is handled correctly and in accordance with Belgian law. That way you can focus on your bond with your new, loyal family friend.

About our kennel

In our kennel we never stop innovating and investing and the welfare of our dogs is given top priority. Thus, we strictly supervise that our animals grow up with the space, love and care they need. We closely follow their development from our knowledge, passion and more than 30 years of experience with dogs. In addition, we are assisted by our regular veterinarian to ensure the well-being of all our animals. We do not offer dogs as products but forge relationships between healthy, beautiful loyal companions and their new owners.

  • Can I form an equally strong bond with an adolescent puppy than with a baby puppy?

    Absolutely! The bond with your pet has nothing to do with age. As long as you surround your new four-legged friend with lots of love and spend enough time together, you will forge that bond. Also communicate clearly and set house rules, learn each other’s body language, respect your dog, cuddle, stroke and play and unforgettable moments await you together.
  • Why haven’t these adolescent puppies found a home yet?

    Just as some people do not meet their true love until later in life, there are puppies who do not meet their ideal owner until several months later. Yet like their siblings, who may have already found homes, they grew up healthy and happy. They were surrounded with the utmost care and love in a spacious, social environment. They are vaccinated and dewormed and in possession of a microchip and European passport. As an approved kennel, we follow the Belgian and European legislation on animal welfare for all our animals.Do you like to take home such a sweet late bloomer? Then get in touch soon.
  • What if I don’t find my preferred breed?

    Haven’t found an adolescent puppy of your preferred breed? Then take a look at There you will find puppies of all breeds.
  • What if I am traveling or leaving?

    Are you traveling or about to leave and do you already have an ideal companion in mind? Then you can reserve your adolescent puppy through the website and pick it up later or have it delivered.Have you planned a vacation after buying your dog and don’t yet have a shelter for your sweet four-legged friend? Then we welcome him with open arms in our spacious and green guest house. There, your pet can enjoy a well-deserved vacation by himself on our playground in his own separate space, yet in the company of other guests.
  • What is the difference between Puberpups and a shelter?

    With Puberpups you buy a slightly older puppy who does not yet have an owner. The prices for this are therefore slightly more favorable than for a young puppy. Yet it has nothing but advantages! Unlike shelter dogs, these dogs do not come from previous owners. They have been raised and socialized in a warm litter with their puppy siblings and have received all medical care. Some shelter dogs bring a whole backpack with them, for example (hidden) problems or incorrectly learned behaviour. This sometimes presents additional risks when combining such dogs with other pets or (smaller) children. In practice you see that shelter dogs are regularly returned after a few weeks. Our adolescent puppies, on the other hand, are just as reliable as a baby puppy, only a few months older and therefore also a bit more independent. For example, they already know the basics of potty training and are therefore very quickly potty trained. This only makes it easier for you as the first owner.

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